Popular Geology

This direction has been created at the Faculty of Geology to popularize geology and the Faculty itself, and also to increase schoolchildren's interest in studying geological sciences.

The main objectives of the group "Popular Geology" are:

  • organization  at the Faculty of the Science Festival, Open Day and other events popular with schoolchildren;
  • establishment and development of the contacts of the Faculty with natural-science museums, educational institutions (schools, training centres) and other organizations dealing with educational activities;
  • participation of the Faculty's professors in popular scientific holidays, lectures, master classes, excursions, olympiads, forums and other educational events for schoolchildren.
  • visiting lectures in schools

We are open for cooperation with schools, museums, educational centres and institutions of additional education!



20 февраля 2020 г., в четверг, в 14.30 ч., в ауд. 415 состоится методологический семинар и заседание Учёного совета геологического факультета МГУ.

Друзья и коллеги, у профессора кафедры гидрогеологии Ростислава Степановича Штенгелова и доцента Михаила Сергеевича Орлова недавно был юбилей - 80 лет!