Petroleum Geology department

During 70 years of scientific and pedagogical activity, the Petroleum Geology department has trained a large number of specialists and actively participated in the implementation of the program for replenishing the country's resource base for oil, gas and coal. Over the years the department has formed a scientific team that can solve complex problems in the field of petroleum and coal geology. The Department is equipped with modern analytical facilities, which contributes to increasing the efficiency of prospecting and exploration on land and water areas of Russia, and to developing hard-to-recover hydrocarbon deposits. 




The Petroleum Geology department was founded in 1945 by the outstanding oil geologist Ignatii Osipovich Brod as a department of natural gas. In 1953 the department received the name "Petroleum Geology department". Since then, scientific laboratories of geology of oil, gas and coal have been created in its structure which have been operating in accordance with the requirements of time. For many years the department has been training specialists in the field of prospecting and exploration of oil, gas and coal deposits. 

The peculiarity of training the professional oil geologists at the Petroleum Geology department is that the fundamental nature of education is supplemented by the experience of scientific and industrial work as required by the current tasks of the oil and gas industry.. 

We are glad to cooperate with you and are ready to contribute to the development of the scientific and production potential of the industry.. 


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