Кафедра динамической геологии

The department trains students in two specializations: «Geotectonics» and «Geological survey and mineral prospecting». Since 2003, a new inter-departmental specialization "Computer technologies in geological research" has been imlemented. Professors and teachers of the department give lectures in the frames of the course "General Geology" not only to all students of the Faculty of Geology, but also to students of Faculty of Geography and Faculty of Soil; they supervise training field works in the Crimea and Chashnikov (Moscow region). Professors of the Department have created textbooks and teaching aids for most of the disciplines taught. «Geomorphology» (2nd edition, N.P. Kostenko, 2000), «Quaternary deposits geology» (A.F. Chistyakov, N. V. Makarova, V. I. Makarov, 2001), «General geology» (N.V. Koronovsky, 2002), «Geology» (N.V. Koronovsky, N.A. Yasamanov, 2002). In 2001, a computer version of the textbook «Dynamic processes in geology: the first acquaintance with nonlinear systems» (V.N. Vadkovsky, V.S. Zakharov) was completed, which is a new generation of textbooks intended for distance learning. The high level of all textbooks is determined by the fact that all the authors have mastered modern methods of research and are well aware of the latest achievements in geological science. The department includes 6 educational and scientific laboratories: the laboratory of Modelling of geodynamic processes (Head: Zakharov V.S.), the Petromagnetic laboratory (Head: Lubnina N.V.), the laboratory of Geotectonics and Tectonophysics named after V.V. Belousov (Head: M.A. Goncharov), laboratory of Geological reserarch by space methods (Head: A.I. Flyetaev), laboratory of Research of geological disasters (Head: V.A. Zaitsev), laboratory of History and Methodology of Geological Sciences (Head A .G.Ryabukhin). During the period from 1953 to 2010, the Department of Dynamic Geology trained about 1000 geologists, about 120 graduate students and candidates defended their Ph.D. theses; 30 specialists from China, Syria, Mexico, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Hungary, Vietnam, Egypt became Ph.D. and Doctors of Geology. The scientific activities of the department are focused on research in the field of theoretical and regional tectonics, geodynamics, tectonophysics, neotectonics and seismotectonics, geomorphology, space geology, history and methodology of geological sciences. These activities and research cover many regions of Russia, foreign countries and the waters of the World Ocean. At the disposal of the department is unique equipment that makes it possible to carry out paleomagnetic and petromagnetic investigations. The Department organizes the First Crimean field work training, which is designed to consolidate knowledge on the course of general geology. Students should learn to "see" the nature of geological processes, to be able to interpret them correctly. The field work lays the foundation for their future research and undoubtedly has a psychological aspect in the preparation of the future geologist. Its primary goal is to introduce first-year students to the manifestations of the main geological processes. It is held both in the mountainous part of the Crimea, where the karst processes (Chatyrdag plateau) and weathering (Yu. Demerdzhi mountain) are well developed, and in the coastal zone of the Black Sea, where the students get acquainted with the activity of the sea, landslides, and also with some endogenous processes.


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