Department of Seismometry and Geoacoustics

The Department trains students in the specialties "geophysical methods of the earth's crust research" (seismometry), "geophysics" (marine geophysics), "geological and geophysical research of oil and gas fields." Together with the Department of Engineering Geology we have developed a new innovative Master's programme "Geology and geophysics of megacities and large urban agglomerations"; with the Department of Fossil Fuels - the programme "Comprehensive computer interpretation of oil and gas geophysical and geological data", "Geophysical and petrophysical well exploration of oil and gas fields ". Many graduates of the Department work in leading manufacturing, research and training organizations in Russia and abroad.

Professors of the Department teach general and special courses: "Seismic prospecting", "Radio electronics", "Well logging", "Mathematical processing of seismic data", "Seismic exploration of heterogeneous and anisotropic media", "Seismic interpretation", "Seismogeology", "Marine seismic", "Ground-penetrating radar ", etc. A number of textbooks and teaching aids prepared by the staff of the Department are actively used in teaching. Among them is a training computer course on the physical fundamentals of seismics created by the teachers of the Department under the guidance of Professor A.V. Kalinin, the first textbook for universities in Russia called "Geophysical Research of Wells", the textbook by A.V. Starovoitova "Interpretation of georadar tracking data", the textbook by N.V. Shalaeva and A.V. Starovoitova "Fundamentals of seismoacoustics in shallow water areas". We have a computer class where students not only learn to program, but also master modern ways of processing and interpreting seismic data. Special courses use professional systems for processing and interpreting seismic data. Graduates and post-graduates of the Department take an active part in the field workshops "Floating University" under the aegis of UNESCO and "Seismic prospecting".

GPR on the route in West Siberia - associate professor V.V. Starovoytov
GPR on the route in West Siberia associate professor V.V. Starovoytov

For many years the Department has been recognized as a scientific leader in such areas of geophysics as shallow ground seismic, marine and river seismoacoustics, mathematical simulation of the elastic wave field, theoretical and applied tomography. Over the years, its staff has conducted more than 130 expeditions to the shelf of the White, Black, Caspian, Okhotsk, Barents, Mediterranean, Baltic, Norwegian, East Siberian, Bering, Chukchi Seas, the Ob, Irtysh, Tobol, Amur, Volga, Oka, Kama, Moscow rivers, Lake Baikal, high-altitude lake Sarez, at Tsymlyansky, Rybinsk, Kuibyshev reservoirs, at various sites in Mexico, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, the USA, etc.

Since 2001, PetroGeoCentre - a specialized scientific and training centre for the processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data for the exploration, exploration and development of oil and gas fields — has been operating on the basis of the Department of Seismometry and Geoacoustics and the Department of Geology and Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels, Faculty of Geology. The company Landmark Grafics has provided software for research in the course of oil and gas field development.

The team of the Deep seismic prospecting laboratory, headed by Doctor of Geological Sciences, Professor V.B. Piip, is engaged in reinterpretation of data obtained by deep seismic sounding and the method of refracted waves in various regions of the world (Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Eastern European Platform, Western Siberia, the Barents Sea, Tibet, etc.).

Research for a railway engineer A.Yu. Kalashnikov
Research for a railway engineer A.Yu. Kalashnikov

The staff of the Geophysical Well Research Laboratory are engaged in assessing the fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs, as well as developing a theory, methodology and equipment to intensify the flow rates and injectivity of oil and injection wells using geophysical fields of various nature, frequency and intensity.


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