International cooperation

In 2017 the Faculty maintained partnership relations with 11 foreign universities. In order to develop the development of academic mobility of students in 2017, the Faculty jointly with foreign partners organized a summer scientific geological school (in cooperation with Charles University, Prague), a summer scientific school on field research methods (jointly with KSU, Beijing), a summer environmental school of Italian-Russian Institute of Environmental Research and Education (jointly with the University of Palermo).

Information on effective contracts of the Faculty of Geology in the recent years:

  1. Chinese Geological University, Beijing, Wuhan ОФ-250/867/1622-2005/2010/2015-5 of 06.06.2014
  2. Peking University: Institute of Earth and Space Science ОФ-1182-2011-5а of 27.10.2011
  3. Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources of the Academy of Sciences of China УФ-1189-2011-5 of 11.11.2011 
  4. Charles University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Czech Republic, Prague УФ-1088/1864-2010/2015-5 of 21.10.2015 
  5. Faculty of Geology and Geodesy of the University of Palermo, Italy УФ-955-2010-4 of 15.07.2010 
  6. Tokyo University, Japan ОФ-39/107/1832-1998/2003/2015-5 of 21.08.2015 
  7. Strasbourg University, France ОФ-71/799-2000- 2009-5 of 17.03.2009 
  8. University of Helsinki, Finland ОФ-1399-2011а of 19.10.2012 
  9. Tehran University, Iran ОФ-1939-2015-5 of 25.02.2016 
  10. Geodynamic Research Center of Ehime University, Japan УФ-1908-2015-5 of 24.12.2015 
  11. University of Tromsø - Acting University of Norway ОФ-1542-2013-5 of 08.10.2013

Each student of Moscow University can take part in exchange programmes implemented in the framework of inter-university agreements. In 2017, students and graduate students were sent to foreign universities (Chinese Geological University, Wuhan, University of Tokyo) for internships for 1-3 months.

As a rule, students are sent for an internship for one semester. In exceptional cases, it may be decided to extend the internship for another semester.

Application for participation in the exchange programme should be submitted to the International department of the Faculty. For the internship to be completed, it is necessary to decide whether to make appropriate changes to the student's curriculum, to accept or offset the results of exams and tests passed during the internship.

Documents required:

  1. Personal application signed by the Faculty dean
  2. The recommendation from the scientific supervisor, justifying the expediency of the internship.
  3. The submission of the Faculty. The submission should contain:
    • confirmation of the knowledge of a foreign language
    • confirmation of changes in the curriculum.

The possibility of an internship will be considered by the selection committee of the administration, to which representatives of the Faculty may be invited.

Included training in China. Information for applicants