Education for foreign citizens

Education of foreign citizens is one of the most important directions of the Faculty work. Every year, foreign citizens from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Iran and China are trained at the Faculty of Geology, accounting for 9% of the total number of students of the Faculty. Foreign citizens who have received MSU diplomas are highly sought-after specialists on the World labour market. Many of them after the completion of the basic programme decide to continue their education at the Faculty of Geology of Moscow State University.


Academic year at Moscow State University lasts from September to June (01.09-30.06). The duration of training for foreign citizens, as well as for Russian citizens, is: BSc/BA (bachelor) — 4 academic years; MSc/MA (master) — 2 academic years; post-graduate — 3 academic years (full-time training) and 4 очная форма обучения (distant training). Admission to the Faculty of Geology of Moscow State University is based on the results of entrance examinations. You can find all information on the official MSU site

Training at the Faculty of Geology at Moscow State University is conducted in the Russian language, which requires thorough preliminary language training. You can take a Russian language course at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture of Moscow State University (IRLC).

Faculty of Geology offers one Master's programme in English: Geocryology. You can find all information on the official website:

Preparatory course at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture (IRLC) MSU

The duration of the preparatory course of the Russian language and basic subjects at the Institute of Physics and Technology is, as a rule, 1 year. Classes for Faculty programmes taught in Russian begin  on 1 September. However, it is necessary to submit the required documents and the application form for training at the IRLC well in advance &  so that the Institute has enough time to issue and provide you with an invitation to study (to process an invitation takes 45 days). IRLC contacts:, E-mail:   
Tel.: +7 (499) 124-81-88, +7 (499) 124-84-88, +7 (499) 124-80-11, +7 (499) 124-56-00, 
Fax: +7 (499) 125-44-61


Admission to Moscow State University is done in accordance with the "Admission Regulations at Lomonosov Moscow State University", which can be found on the site of the Central Admission Committee of Moscow State University. The list of directions of training and admission requirements can be found on the site of the Admission Committee of the Faculty of Geology

To be admitted to the Faculty of Geology the following exams are to be successfully passed:

·         1st year of Bachelor's programme:

2 exams: Russian language (oral), Maths (oral)

·         1st year of Master's programme:

1 exam in speciality/major (written exam)

·         Post-graduate:

3 exams: History and philosophy of Science, foreign language, speciality (major).

·         For transfer from another university

1 exam in speciality/major (oral exam)

Admission exams are taken in Russian.

You will need to submit the following documents to the Foreign department of the Faculty of Geology:

  • application of the student for admission to study at Moscow State University (in free form);
  • certificates of education equivalent to the standard certificates of education of the Russian Federation, required for the admission to the institutions of higher professional education, indicating the received qualification (degree), subjects studied and the assessments received thereon:
    • Bachelor's course (BSс/BA), Specialty: certificate of completed secondary education
    • Master's course (MSс/MA): a Bachelor's degree certificate or a diploma of a specialist
    • Post-graduate course: a Master's degree certificate or a diploma of a specialist 
      (Certificates of education must pass the procedure of legalization in the country where the diploma is issued. You can find out about the procedure of legalization at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country where the diploma is issued or on the site of сайте FSBE Glavexpertcetner)
  • notarized translation into Russian of certificates of education and assessments on subjects studied;
  • standard certificate of equivalence of education (if any) obtained abroad;
  • standard medical certificate, indicating the absence of medical contraindications for study in the Russian Federation;
  • certificate indicating the absence of HIV infection, valid in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • passport with visa and migration card;
  • six matte photos in size 3х4 cm.

The translation into Russian of educational certificates must be certified by a notary in the Russian Federation, or by the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of issuance of documents. Documents of foreign states on education and academic titles must pass the procedure for recognizing and establishing equivalence in the prescribed manner.

The faculty has the right to request additional information.

Visa invitation

In case you pass entrance examinations successfully and gain admission to the University, you need an invitation to MSU for obtaining a study visa, which is necessary to enter the Russian Federation. To receive such an invitation, you should submit (personally, by mail, by fax or e-mail) to the foreign department of the Faculty of Geology the following documents:

  • Application form (provided by the Faculty)
  • Copy of the first two pages of your passport

Upon receipt of an invitation to enter the Russian Federation, the faculty will send it to you. Please inquire about visa procedures at the Russian embassy in your country. It takes at least 45 days to issue an invitation, so these documents must be submitted to the faculty as early as possible..

Conclusion of the contract

The contract for training at MSU is concluded at the Faculty after successfully passing the entrance examinations and selection procedure.

Payment for education

  • The cost of education at the Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University in 2017/2018 is 310 500 roubles per academic year.

In addition to long-term contracts of study under undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes, the Faculty of Geology accepts foreign citizens under programmes of included education and advanced training in the form of an internship with an individual curriculum.