О факультете


Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University, is the world-famous educational and scientific centre of Russia. Although its foundation date is considered to be 1938, mineralogy has been taught at Moscow University for more than two centuries. The departments and laboratories of the Faculty employ world-renowned scientists, as well as talented young researchers, 7 academicians and 6 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 18 members of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation among them. All the activities of the faculty are aimed at the development of geological science, education and culture - the necessary factors of the economic and spiritual revival of Russia.

Geology is considered to be a way of life. Indeed, people who are interested in this profession know how to appreciate the beauty of nature, are ready to work actively and creatively; they value friendship and are open to communicating with friends. Many will agree that success in mathematics and physics requires first and foremost aptitude and talent. Geology in this sense is a less selective, integral science, because on the one hand, it uses the most advanced methods of modern natural science, and, on the other hand, it is often catalyzed by intuitive ideas, without which important phenomena can sometimes be overlooked.

The concept of Faculty development provides steady progress in all areas of its activities. I will only recall the main ones: new specializations have been created, such as ecological geology, computer technologies in geology, gemology; the reception of foreign students has been expanded; the Crimean base for practical studies and field work has been preserved and its status has been strengthened; a new multi-level system of student training has been developed and implemented; hundreds of grants have been won despite tough competition; professors and teachers now include more than 20 young professors and associate professors; several dozen textbooks, teaching aids and monographs have been published; a faculty information network has been established. Over the years, many of our leading professors and employees have received a number highest-level awards.

The experience acquired allows us to assert that, following the motto "Broadness in Education and Specialization in Research", we are confidently moving along the path of further development of our Faculty, one of the largest faculties of Moscow State University.

Dean of the Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University
Academician of Russian Academy of Science, Professor

D.Y. Puscharovskiy