Trade union of the Faculty

The trade union of Lomonosov Moscow State University holds a special place in the life of MSU. It brings together 41 thousand professors, teachers, staff, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students - an essential part of our team. The overall objective of all our members is to maintain a high level of educational and scientific process, to raise highly moral members of society, to create conditions for a healthy lifestyle — makes is possible to create a harmonious united organization, where any student and the rector alike are equal members of the educational community.

The trade union organization is built vertically from the study group, laboratory, department, section through the trade union committees of structural units (faculties, institutes, services) to the Joint Trade Union Committee of Moscow State University. This structure allows us to quickly respond to the needs of each person, to build a social dialogue at all levels of the university: between the trade union and the rector, the faculty trade union committee and the dean, the department trade union group with the chairperson.

The main instrument for representing the interests of employees and students is the Collective Agreement. Its effectiveness was manifested in 2008–2009 with the development of a new wage system and a new edition of the Provision on scholarships. On its basis, trade union ensures labor protection, helps to control catering and medical services, makes proposals and seeks to repair university social facilities. It is important that each member of the team be able to use the Collective Agreement and know their rights.

The activities of the trade union of Moscow State University can be divided into three large groups:

  1. Defending the labor and educational rights of union members;
  2. Assisting the union members in solving their social and domestic problems;
  3. Implementing projects and organizing events for union members, aimed at the full development of personality and talents.

Our dear workers and students, you may find evidence that the trade union organization at Moscow State University remains young, modern and in demand on the pages of our portal. But the main thing is that you feel our attention and care in your everyday life. We hope for your active support.

Together we will make our union even more authoritative and powerful!

El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido!